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Depression is a disorder that holds no prejudices and is never particular about the individual affected. It can be absolutely debilitating and create difficulties that go beyond simple sadness. When an individual experiences major depression, life will typically begin to completely unravel. It is situations such as this that require one to take on a more assertive role, ultimately taking more drastic measures. But for the depressed individual, being assertive is far from possible.

When faced with the more extreme effects caused by major depression, it becomes necessary to first understand its causes. Once the reasons for such an extreme break down are understood, steps can be taken to rectify an already seemingly hopeless situation. Medications such as Duloxetine are used to accomplish this very goal and in many cases their use is not an option but rather a requirement.


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Duloxetine is a medication used for the treatment of major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder along with a few unrelated physical problems. This type of medication is only effective when taken on a regular schedule and it's beneficial effects only experienced after being taken for period of time. Another words, Duloxetine is not a quick fix medication like aspirin or cough medicine might be.

There are reasons why it can become necessary to begin taking medication for the treatment of depression. As with any other sickness, depression is a treatable illness and not a mood that an individual might wake up in. If depression is ignored or left unaddressed for too long it can progress, eventually turning into a more serious form of the same sickness. Simply put, depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain that can be corrected by taking the proper medication.

While taking the right medication is an essential part of the healing process for an individual suffering from major depression, it is simply that; a part of the process. Just as a serious injury to a particular part of the body will require regular visits to a physical therapist, serious injury to the parts of the body that affect feelings, emotion, and thought processing will require regular visits to a therapist or psychologist. Each of these individual forms of treatment have individual benefits but neither have the ability to provide complete healing without a little help from the other.

When the individual suffering from major depressive disorder is placed on the proper medications, and required to attend regular visits with a qualified therapist, the healing process will begin. No one should ever have to live with such a debilitating disease especially when relief is achievable.


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